Fine Art Portraits

If you're looking for something truly unique why not think about a fine art portrait. We offer the DysFUNctional family fine art portrait and also fine art pet portraits (we don't want Buster feeling left!)

These special portraits bring together all the skills we have as a team in the studio and will be utterly unique to you, your family, pets and home.

Our DysFUNctional Fine Art family portrait came about because we wanted to find an original and fun way of photographing families in their home in a way that isn’t being done by other photographers. 

How it works:  We'll sit down with you and work out how best to reflect everyone’s individual personalities before the shoot. On the day we photograph each member of the family individually on their own, in various poses, and with different precious items that truly reflect them.

After this, we’ll invite you into the studio to select your favourite images. These then go on to the digital re-touching stage, where the magic happens and a composite picture is designed. Once we think it's looking just right you'll get a digital proof over for comments before we move on to final editing and colour management. 

We love our dogs and we know lots of other people feel the same way about their pets too. Our Fine Art pet portrait will give you beautiful, individual images of your pet to treasure forever. 

How it works: For the fine art pet portrait, we'll get you to bring your pooch into our dog-friendly studio for its very own sitting. We have lots of nifty tricks so that we can get some really special shots, for example, catching the treats shot. We can photograph more than one dog at a time too if you have a family of four-legged friends. 

These special pet portraits are designed to really capture the personality and character of your dog.

Framing & Print Options All our fine art prints can be printed on artisan fine art paper or our normal studio photographic paper depending on your preferred finish. Prints can be framed in bespoke hand-made frames.

Pet portrait photography from More Than Images

Fine Art Pet Portrait


A portrait sitting for your pet.

  • fine art studio sittings with
  • a 8x8" fine art print in handmade frame
Family Portraits in Wallingford by More Than Images

Fine Art Family Portrait


Get your gang photographed as never before!

  • 1 fine art DysFUNctional portrait at your home
  • a 16x24" fine art print in handmade frame


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